On our history, our company and our approach

Our founder and director, Nick Waldron, has a lifelong love of design and craft using natural materials. When not building furniture, he also enjoys the country life, tending his smallholding in Kent and tinkering with vintage tractors.

Nick realised early on that he wanted to dedicate his working life to designing and building furniture that was both functional and beautiful.

Having learned traditional skills in cabinetmaking, finishing and upholstery, Nick founded his own business. In the intervening decade, it has grown quickly through word-of-mouth referrals from one delighted customer to another.

Today, Nick leads a team of four craftspeople at a workshop in the heart of rural Kent, designing and building bespoke furniture for clients all over the world.

The approach we take in the workshop combines both traditional and modern approaches. Certain processes are mechanised, but only when this can be done without the slightest compromise on quality. This judicious use of technology frees up more time to focus on the creative and aesthetic choices that make such a difference to the final result. Clients are always more than welcome to visit us and see how we work.

We love wood. We live for it. But more importantly, we understand it. How to work it, and work with it too. How it breathes, moves and matures over time – always changing, yet always the same. How it becomes such an intimate part of our lives from day to day, yet never loses its link to nature, binding us to the history and landscape all around. We can bring this unique natural beauty right into your home, whether you prefer classic oak, rich walnut or even timber from a tree on your own land.

We care deeply about the quality of our work, right down to the tiniest detail. Our sole aim is to create a space for you that not only looks stunning, but also makes a perfect environment for eating, entertaining or relaxing.

We adapt our classic, uncluttered style to fit perfectly into your home and your lifestyle, ensuring that the final result is the best it can possibly be.

We have been kindly supported by the following funds to improve our manufacturing facilities including a new CNC machine, workshop machinery and delivery vehicle.